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Notes on "Odd Man Out"

By Lewis Shiner

This one goes back to 1976 and my post-college days on Rankin Street in Dallas. Philip K. Dick is again an obvious influence, but this was written more with the depressed, claustrophobic fiction of fellow Texan Steve Utley in mind.

Utley, Barry Malzberg, and a few others had pioneered what became known as the "grubby spaceship" subgenre of science fiction, and "Odd Man Out" definitely fits the criteria.

This was one of the few unpublished pieces from that era that I still had some fondness for 12 years later when my good friend Rick Shannon was bugging me for something he could run in his SF and interview magazine Trajectories.


© 2010 by Lewis Shiner. First published in Fiction Liberation Front, January 2010. Some rights reserved.

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